Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadan Apps

Source: Team Oompa Loompa's blog

Another year flies by and here we are with the holy month of Ramadan at our doorstep. Gadget Camel & Team Oompa Loompa would like to wish everyone a blessed month — and in this post we will be highlighting some apps you can download on your android phones to add to your Ramadan experience.

iQuraniQuran / iQuran Lite: originally an iOS app, developer Guided Ways has imported this beautiful Quran app into android — and it looks crisp and clean on the Galaxy S4. The app is easy to use with a clean and polished interface. Instead of present the Quran in a traditional “page” format, iQuran lists the verses in sentences, each of which is tap-responsive for bookmarking, recitation, and translation. Built in are plenty of translation options into several languages, and the Pro version has more recitation voices to choose from. The fonts are large and easy to read. If you’re fine with the presentation of the verses, this is is a must-have Quran app on your phone.

Quran Android
Quran Android: This is a “traditional” alternative to iQuran, with the verses presented as they are on a physical Quran. The pages are high resolution and appear crisp and clear on the Galaxy S4. The interface follows the holo guidelines and is simple and to the point. You have bookmarking and sharing options too. It does not have the many features of iQuran, but if you’re looking for a simple, clean, and traditional Quran app experience, then this is for you.

My Prayer Android
My Prayer: and oldie but goldie, this is one of the apps we personally love and adore. There are many prayer time apps on the android platform, but very few are as beautiful and as functional as My Prayer. Clean lines and Islamic artwork blend in yellow, black, and white, making it not only easy to read but also look great in the four different widget modes you have. There are default reading of prayer times based on your location, but you can manually change the offset for each as well add special timings for Ramadan. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Salatuk - Android
Salatuk: Similar to My Prayer app, Salatuk keeps tabs on your prayer timings. It sports a different interface with blue, white, and grey, and works just as well as My Prayer. It also has an added compass for Qibla. There is only one widget option, though, as of this writing.

Daily Hadith - AndroidDaily Hadith: an simple, elegant app that fetches for you a new hadith daily. You can browse back to see previous hadiths that have been pushed out on to the app. Our only gripe is that the ads are a bit distracting — particularly if it is a car loan — but they aren’t invasive or have funny colours.

Ramadan Achievements - Android
Ramadan Achievements: an interesting take on “to do lists”, Ramadan Achievements give you a list of things that we often forget to do — like calling friends, family, giving charity, etc — and you need to do each of the tasks three times to mark it as fully complete. We hope you won’t be cheating in on this one, especially if you’re dreading that phone call to the aunt you’d rather never see again! The app is ad-supported.
Team Oompa Loompa is certain that you’ve found this list useful — and you can always add your suggestions to the comments!


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